Listing Conditions

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This page explains the listing condition and rules that you must follow when listing items on BNSBids.

As a seller, you must provide great customer service and honour the information you provide about any item or service you list for sale

Listing Conditions.

Category and Listing Requirements:


  • All items or services must be accurately categorized. Buyers may not find your item if it's not categorized properly.

Other options and tools also depend on the category you choose including item specifics such as brand, style, colour, and size.

Listing Requirements:

  • You must be legally able to sell the item(s) or services you list for sale on BNSBids.
  • You must accurately describe all terms of sale.
  • All titles, descriptions, and images must accurately represent the actual item or services that is for sale.
  • Listings may not contain URLs that direct users off of BNSBids.
  • Videos must only represent the actual item or services that is for sale. (Supported video extensions: mp4, flv and mov)
  • If your item(s) or services requires specific labeling, you must comply with the requirements.
  • If including variations such as different colors or sizes, make sure you can fulfill such variations set up by you.

If offering the option for personalised items you must provide instructions for the buyer.
If you are listing handmade item then refer to our handmade items policy for more information. 

Make sure you follow our Text, Images, Video Content Policy
By listing items or services you agree that you have read our prohibited and restricted listing policy

Communication and Feedback


Sellers must not communicate to do any of the following:

  • Sending unsolicited advertising or donation requests.
  • Abusing any member or violating our Terms of Use when posting content.
  • Contact any member after they have explicitly asked you not to.
  • Interfere with a transaction between other buyers and sellers.
  • Include URLs in the comments.

Sellers are Required To;

Respond to buyers in a timely manner.
Resolve buyer disagreements or order issues in a responsible manner.
Honour the terms of sale as stated by you.


Sellers must leave buyers feedback after a successful transaction.

This helps provide confidence to other potential buyers, leaving feedback that best describes the transaction will in return prompt the buyer to leave good feedback for you as a seller.
If there are any problems please contact the seller before leaving any Negative feedback, and allow the seller to correct any mistakes if caused by the seller.
Click here to learn more about submitting feedback.

Seller Fees, Payments and Tax:

Selling Fees;

  • Sellers are charged for using BNSBids services. These charges and certain other charges (if any) are based on the options you select and the category you choose.
  • by selecting the "List Now" button, you agree you will pay the charges incurred by you, including any applicable taxes displayed on the Listing Preview page. listing fees are non-refundable.
  • The Listing Preview page is the last part of your listing setup process, it allows you to check all the details before your listing goes live.

Sale Price;

  • The price you state on the selling page is the price the buyer pays, including any taxes if applicable.
Price gouging; Increasing the price of goods and services when demand is high and supplies are limited is unfair and is not allowed.

Payment method;

  • We allow only payment gateways (for example – PayPal)
  • The seller must include their payment email address to send and receive payments.
  • Business sellers must include their business payment email address to send and receive payments.
  • Note; We will be adding the option to allow Sellers to accept bank transfers on sale transactions made through BNSBids.

By using a third-party service payment provider, you may also be subject to an agreement with the third-party payment provider. you are responsible for the agreement with the third-party payment provider.
When purchasing from sellers, BNSBids may share your personal or transactional information with those third-party service providers for purposes related to payment processing.
For example, when making a purchase using PayPal, you can view the transactional information in your PayPal account.
Note, depending on the payment gateway you use may depend on the processing time for your payment.

Shipping, Orders, and Returns:

Internationally Shipping - Import TAX;

  • If you as a business ships items internationally, you are responsible for including/collecting and paying those Import VATs in the destination countries.
  • International business sellers must use a registered TAX Agent when shipping internationally.
  • If you set up and offer international shipping you are agreeing to our Internationally Shipping policy.
  • We have teamed up with a TAX Agent to help with import VAT obligations in countries you ship to, 
Note: Our tax system is country based, in order to see the tax rate you need to be logged into an account that has an address based in the tax country and will therefore be liable to pay the tax.
for example, if you apply TAX based in the United Kingdom then only registered users with an address in that country will see that TAX, Users in other countries will not see the TAX rate.
Sellers can manually update tax rates in their invoices.

We are working on a new multi-select TAX option that will be available in the coming months.
Buyers in other countries can still view and purchase items or services

Item Location;

The item location is automatically pre-filled with your existing registration location details (Country, State, and Zip Code),

  • Sellers must make sure that the buyer has a clear understanding of the location of the item or service.
  • Buyers will have a good idea about the post/shipping charges and times.
  • If your item or service is at a different location you are required to update the location.


  • The seller must state their handling times.
  • The seller must send items out for delivery as stated by you. (unless the buyer is collecting the item)
  • State if you offer or use item track and trace. We recommend using track and trace, it provides confirmation of delivery.

It's important to include the information relating to post/shipping such as;

  • Pick-up method (No pick-up, Buyer can pick-up, Buyer must pick-up)
  • Postage Amount / Methods (if using item-based shipping)
  • Item Weight (if using shipping carriers)
  • Insurance value (optional)
  • Shipping instructions (optional)

You can use Postmen API It's an app that helps sellers to manage every aspect of shipping items. learn more

Returns Policy;

  • All business sellers are required to create a minimum 14-day returns policy.
  • All Personal sellers (non-business) must still accept item returns if there is a problem and it's the seller's fault.

Should there be a problem, such as an item being damaged, faulty, defective, or not as described, it's the (personal or business) seller's responsibility to provide the buyer with an alternative or full refund.

Learn more about adding a returns policy.

Binding Sales:

All sales are binding. If a seller receives a purchase request the seller is obligated to complete the transaction with the buyer unless there is an exceptional circumstance, such as;

  • The buyer fails to meet the terms of the listing.
  • You cannot authenticate the buyer's identity.
  • There is no response from the buyer.
  • The buyer is requesting an unknown payment method.
  • There is a problem with the item.
  • There is a delivery issue.

If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order.

Buyers/Sellers' Personal Information:

You are responsible for protecting members' personal information you receive or process and comply with all relevant legal requirements.

  • You must not use any member's personal information other than for the purpose of completing the transaction, including item collection or delivery.
  • You must not visit the member's address unless invited and agreed upon by the buyer.

Tip: when you receive your item, destroy the postage label, don’t just dispose of it in the trash, who knows who may find it?